Dancer & Teacher
Joanna grew up loving swing era jazz, but didn’t discover that people were still dancing to its music until she went to college in Rochester, NY. She was hooked from her very first swingout and from that moment on, took every opportunity to learn as much as she could. Joanna holds titles from competitions such as Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, International Lindy Hop Championships, and Lone Star Championships, among others. She is a tiny bundle of energy when she dances, finding her joy in the music. As a teacher, she strives to help her students do the same.



Joanna owes her love of jazz era music to her slightly unhealthy childhood obsession with watching I Love Lucy. The show introduced her to classic tunes such as Sweet Sue, Shine on Harvest Moon, and Sweet Adeline at a very young age and piqued her interest in all things old-timey. Through dancing, Joanna has expanded and refined her knowledge of jazz music to cater to dancers of varying styles — lindy hop, charleston, balboa, and blues. She has spun tunes in Rochester NY,  Atlanta GA, San Francisco CA, and now fills the ears of dancers in Austin TX. Her goal as a DJ is to keep that driving energy for the dance alive on the floor and in dancers’ hearts.